Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Appalachian State University Gospel Choir

On Sunday we drove out to Boone to visit Sarah. She is in the ASU Gospel Choir, and they had their year-end concert Sunday evening. I am trying to figure out how to load some of the video I took of her concert, but in the meantime, you can go here to see a bit of the that Amanda took with her camera, and you can go here to see a bit of a concert they did last year at a church in Raleigh. Gospel Choir is very SPIRIT-ed, and the audience usually gets into the performance right along with the choir, with a lot of clapping, swaying, 'amen's, and 'oh yeah's!
I love it!

Sarah has finals next week, and then will be leaving with her Honors class for a 2-week trip to Vienna, Austria! We brought home a little bit of her "stuff" on Sunday, but Mark will be driving out there next week to bring home the bulk of her dorm room contents. Next year should be interesting when we'll be taking/picking up TWO students and all their belongings! We might need to rent a U-Haul!

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Creech Family said...

They are great!!! Tell S to have a wonderful trip and take lots of pics!