Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert - An Unexpected Blessing!

Amanda and I received an unexpected blessing when we were able to serve as volunteers at the "Show Hope" booth at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Roanoke Rapids last night. Show Hope is part of Shaohannah's Hope, an organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, to engage the body of Christ in caring for the world's approximately 16,200,000 orphans and also to help remove the financial barriers to adoption through providing grants for those families choosing to adopt.

We weren't planning to go - Roanoke Rapids is an hour and a half away and we don't have money for things like concert tickets. But we found out on Wednesday from our friends the Mestases, who received a grant from Shaohannah's Hope to help with their recent adoption from Ethiopia, that there was a need for volunteers for Saturday night, so I emailed the contact person and we were accepted. That meant a free T-shirt, free seats in the concert, and since the Mestases already had backstage passes, we got to go with them to meet S.C.C. after the concert! All in exchange for spending time before the concert and during intermission passing out brochures and holding buckets to collect money for the "Change for Orphans" campaign, which they do at every concert. At the end of every concert, the money collected during the evening is given to a pre-selected family who is in the process of adopting a child, to help make their dream a reality! This night, the audience donated $3000, plus an additional $1000 from an anonymous donor made it a gift of $4000 for a sweet family from Fayetteville who is adopting an 8-yr-old boy from China.

I love Steven Curtis Chapman's music! It was awesome to see a crowd of people made up of teenagers, parents with small children, middle-agers, grandparents... all ages were there, all enjoying the music and the atmosphere of praise and worship. The concerts are real family affairs - even on the stage! Steven's sons, Caleb (19), and Will Franklin (17), perform on stage with him, playing guitar and drums and doing backup vocals.

Carla has a great video of the evening, including some more pix of Show Hope volunteers, on her blog here.

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