Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just a Bit of Life

What have we been doing since my last post a week ago? Well, let's see what I can remember.

Friday was our TOG Co-op, so I was up quite late on Thursday night making up questions for our Jeopardy game. A sampling of last week's questions:
  • Name the first 5 Roman Emperors
  • The heart of the Roman city was a large open space surrounded by markets, temples, and government buildings. What was this place called?
  • Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of Senators led by Brutus and Cassius on what day in 44 B.C.?
  • Name the long period of relative peace and stability experienced by the Roman Empire from 27 B.C. to A.D. 180.
  • With what was Jesus charged before the Sanhedrin? With what was he charged before Pontius Pilate?

Jason's friend Tyler came over Saturday morning and stayed until the next morning, as his parents went on an anniversary get-away! That made Jason happy! He had a soccer game on Saturday morning, and his team came back from a 0-3 deficit at half time to win the game 5-3!

Saturday afternoon, Amanda and I went to the movies with Eileen and Ellie to see "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!". I enjoyed this documentary, about the bias against the theory of Intelligent Design that exists in the scientific and academic communities. Contrary to most of the loud criticism about this movie, it isn't promoting Intelligent Design as much as showing how the intellectual community ridicules, stifles and attempts to silence ANY questioning of the theory of Darwinian evolution.

Monday and Tuesday afternoons, Eric and Amanda did our annual standardized testing, which is required for homeschoolers here in North Carolina. Check that off the list.

When I took Jason to science at the Barton's on Monday, I brought a bag of Prairie Gold/Bronze Chief wheat kernels for Tammy to grind in her mill. I made a loaf of Italian bread to go with dinner that night, and baked a loaf of sandwich bread as well as some dinner rolls the next night. Soooooo delicious!

Today we had art class, and we made "stained glass windows" from black construction paper and colored tissue paper. We also did some blind contour drawings and cross contour drawings of a pair of boots!

And on "American Idol" - tonight Carly Smithson was voted off the show! Well, I was shocked. I am shocked each week that anyone but Jason Castro goes home! I just don't get that boy! I mean, he's got a nice smile and seems likeable enough, but talent? He has no range, no dynamics, no depth! The two Davids are definitely Top Two - but 2 years ago, who would have thought that Chris Daughtry was not a Top Two finalist? Oh, the drama...

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boysrus said...

I loved your comments about preparing for co-op. I do a jeopardy game with the dialectic kids in our tog co-op too! Our co-op is on Fridays as well so I am up late every Thursday night preparing for it. I think the hardest part is deciding which questions should be worth more points. We are finishing up year 4 in a couple of weeks. Anyway, your post just made me chuckle so I thought I would say hi.