Monday, April 7, 2008

Drivers Ed

Child #4 is taking Drivers Ed this week! Nothing like seeing your baby behind the wheel of a car to make you realize she is growing up! Well, she's not behind the wheel yet... got to get those 40 hours of classroom time in before she can do that. :-)
We are blessed to have a class just for homeschoolers, which allows the kids to get their classroom time done in one solid week, rather than having to enroll in an afterschool class at the local high school. An employee of the driving school which contracts with the local school district conducts the class. The state pays for it. After the classroom part, she'll have to sign up for 10 hours of driving time with the instructor, and then will be eligible to get a driving permit when she turns 15 this summer.

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GrammaJelly said...

Ouch! Can't believe it, but I know that Amanda can. Congratulations, Amanda, and be careful out there! Lots of love, Gram