Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Volleyball Finale

It has been a busy few days... Saturday was the NCHE State Homeschool Volleyball Tournament, which was held at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem this year. There were were 4 teams in the JV division this year, and Amanda's team ended up with the 1st place trophy!! They played the best they have all season, and it was so exciting to see them do well, especially since we didn't come into the tournament with high expectations. ( well, Amanda was convinced they were going to win, but the rest of us were skeptical ). This is the 3rd year in a row that our JV team has won 1st place in the tournament.


Then last night was Awards Night, held at Coach Kollar's church fellowship hall. Everyone brought dessert and drinks to share. I spent the last couple of days printing out certificates for all the girls and coaches, and getting frames for team pictures for the coach and assistant coaches. Coach TJ spoke, applauding the JV and Varsity girls for their hard work and perseverance, and mostly for their character and their love for their teammates and even for opponents. A neighboring county started a homeschool team this year, and even though those girls had never played volleyball before, they had to compete at the varsity level because of their ages. Our varsity team embraced them and gave them lots of encouragement, staying after a game to practice with them and give them tips, and ended up playing against them in the consolation game at the tournament. That team was our biggest cheering section throughout the whole day ( aside from our own girls/ families), because our girls had been so nice to them. Anyway, I just had to brag on them a little.

Katie, Amanda, Leigh Ann, Melanie, and Wilson

Emily, Kara, Sierra, Katie, Amanda, Cheri, Makenzie, and Wilson


Pure and Sensible said...

How blessed to have such a homeschool volleyball organization (NCHE...what's that) in your area and a wonderful coach who emphasizes character development. I've played volleyball my whole life until about 5 yrs ago. Thanks for sharing! You've give me somethings for me to think about.

nclighthousekeeper said...

NCHE stands for North Carolinians for Home Education, our state homeschool organization. They have a league and tournaments for homeschool volleyball, soccer, and basketball.