Saturday, July 28, 2007

TV-Free Challenge

August is TV-Free Month!
I have not broached this subject yet with my family is time. We have done this several times in the past - turned off the TV for an entire month - and lived to tell about it! It really is a very good thing - a detoxifying, rehabilitating, family relationship-building, mind-clearing, re-prioritizing exercise. But it has been too long since we have done this and the box has regained control of the minds and hearts of many members of this household. I watch very little TV myself. Last night I sat down and watched the video "Sense and Sensibility" with my daughters. And the whole family has been watching "So You Think You Can Dance". But while my family is watching TV, I am more likely to be in the other room on the computer. Not very condusive to togetherness.
The fact is, TV is a time-waster and relationship-stealer. Whether it is the Disney Channel or Fox News, reality shows or sit coms, PBS or ESPN, it is all mind-numbing. And there are so many benefits to NOT watching TV ~ it is amazing that we let ourselves get sucked in the way we do. So, I challenge you! Go to Revive Our Hearts and read some of the articles. Make a list of things you could do in the evenings or on the weekends INSTEAD of watching TV. Then pull the plug. I'll keep you updated.


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