Tuesday, July 31, 2007

50 Things to Do During No-TV Month

I am making a poster to hang up this month, listing 50 things that we can choose to do instead of watch TV. Some of the ideas I've listed in the last 2 posts. But here is the entire list. Are you excited? READY...SET... PULL THE PLUG!

1. Read aloud as a family
2. Work on a prepared Bible Study
3. Sort & organize photos
4. Scrapbooking
5. Listen to stories on tape or CD
6. Cut & file coupons
7. Play cards
8. Go for a walk
9. Play horseshoes
10. Do origami
11. Sew
12. Draw
13. Clean out the garage
14. Write letters
15. Jump rope
16. Stargaze
17. Carve soap
18. Play H*O*R*S*E
19. Play the piano or guitar ( or learn how )
20. Go on a picnic
21. Bake bread
22. Rake the yard
23. Paint a room
24. Build a cardboard or blanket fort
25. Go letterboxing
26. Go swimming at the pool or lake
27. Hula Hoop
28. Do a jigsaw puzzle
29. Practice calligraphy
30. Read a good book
31. Write poetry
32. Organize the closets
33. Play board games
34. Invite friends over for tea
35. Do manicures / pedicures
36. Play marbles
37. Sing hymns and the read the stories behind them
38. Tend the garden
39. Organize and enjoy your collections - baseball cards, stamps, postcards, etc.
40. Ride bikes
41. Do science experiments
42. Build with Legos or other construction toy
43. Learn sign language
44. Make jewelry
45. Go birdwatching
46. Knit or crochet
47. Make greeting cards and envelopes
48. Learn cartooning
49. Play string games ( cat's cradle, etc.)
50. Learn carpentry



Creech Family said...

Wow! That's almost 2 things a day if you wanted to do them all (and personally #4 could take up my whole month and more!! Let me know how it's going. We "launch" on Monday morning, August 13th. Today I found croquet, ring toss and yard bowling on summer clearance! If you want to borrow any board or yard games or books let me know - you know how something different keeps everyone's attention so much better!

Angela said...

Hey there Beth!!

How are you? I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but I did switch my blog over to blogspot a few months back.

It looks like you all are having a wonderful summer! We are doing well. We are still adjusting to life with another precious infant, but thing are chugging along great. I just (yesterday) sent an email to the contact on the Lighthouse website, requesting an application : )

By the way, so many people from the lighthouse contacted me and even brought me a meal while I was on bed-rest and recovering from Annagail's delivery. It was so touching and such a testimony as to the hearts of the folks in Lighthouse. I can't wait to be a part of it.

I hope to talk to you soon!
~Angela (formerly wakeforestmommy at HSB)