Friday, July 20, 2007


I have found a really neat website that you can use for homeschooling or for enrichment for elementary and middle school age kids. It is called Time4Learning. My sister uses this site as her main homeschool curriculum for her 2 girls. I just signed up my 8-yr-old for the purpose of giving him some practice in language arts skills over the summer. He LOVES it! You sign up for the grade level you want for you child in language arts and math. Science and social studies are included too. When you log in, the child can see what he has already finished and what lesson is next. The presentation is very engaging, with fun animation, humor, interesting characters, and lots of positive reinforcement. The child works on lessons for a certain amount of time ( can be adjusted by parent ), and then earns "playground time", which allows him to play for a set amount of time in the game area ( dozens, including pacman, tetris, asteroids, bubble blaster, etc ) You sign up for one month at a time. We've only been using it for about a week, but I'm impressed.

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