Thursday, September 10, 2009

Four Down... One to Go

Amanda, my fourth child and my baby girl, got her drivers license today! We spent almost 2 hours at the DMV ( N.Raleigh, if anyone is wondering ), but she got the nice lady tester there - which she was hoping for - and things went smoothly. The only glitch was when they got in the car and the lady asked Amanda for the vehicle registration.

"Uhhhhhh...... it should be here in the glove compartment." Opens to find it crammed full of papers. "Is this it? Is this it? Is this it? "


"Can I call my daddy? He'll know what it looks like!"

Oh, how did we live without cell phones!?


Enjoying Life Together in NC said...

Yea for Daddy!

Sandy said...

I'm sure there are millions of drivers with the same kind of papers stuffed in the glove box. In fact I'm trying to thing where my registration is right now??? :-)
Ahhh they are growing up tooooo fast!!!!!

Eve said...

Too funny; good ol' dad! I am sure the lady got quite a chuckle out of that. It is a good thing she didn't go to Louisburg - they would have made her come back next week! Sorry, I forgot to mention registration.

Creech Family said...

LOL!!!! Tell her COngrats!