Sunday, September 20, 2009

He's Home


It took almost a week, but he finally made it back to American soil, safe and sound.
Sarah and Eric both came home from college for the weekend, and we all picked Alex up at the airport yesterday afternoon! He has been in Iraq since February, and this is his 2-week R&R leave. After his two weeks at home, he'll be heading back overseas for 4 more months.

It has been great having the WHOLE family home for the weekend, although Jason has been sick with a fever and headache since Friday, so he had to lay low. The older four all went out shopping Saturday afternoon - Alex needed to pick up a temporary phone for 2 weeks - then out with Dad for Mexican food. They split up and went out with friends later in the evening.

This morning was church, then home for a lasagna dinner and then a family walk at Joyner Park. I LOVE that my kids ( including the grown ones!) enjoy spending time together and hanging out with the family.