Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Herbalist

We are doing something a little different for Amanda's science curriculum this year. She and I are going to work through a course called "Family Herbalist", from Shonda Parker's Naturally Healthy company
During this course, we will read through four of Shonda's books, Naturally Healthy Cuisine, Naturally Healthy Woman, Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, and Mommy Diagnostics. We'll be learning about creating a healthy home, evaluating family health, and making herbal remedies. I am excited to be learning these things, and think that this will be very practical and applicable knowledge for Amanda as a young woman, both in caring for herself and looking ahead at someday having a family to care for.

I love homeschooling. :-)

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Sandy said...

Can I take this class??? I love learning these things???? I'm serious!!!!