Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching Up

Can someone please tell me what happened to the month of September? Because I just turned the page from August, and now it is nearly October! Aye yi yi!

Alex has been home for a week, and I sure am enjoying having that boy around the house. Funny though, the Army hasn't much improved his tendency to leave dirty dishes lying around the house and dirty clothes on the bedroom floor! grr

Saturday was Eric's 20th birthday. Both Sarah and Eric were home from college for the weekend, so we got to go out for a family dinner on Saturday night - all 7 of us! And we went for a family walk on Sunday afternoon at Joyner Park. LOVE IT!

I have quite a number of irons in the fire right now ... and sometimes it makes my head spin!
  • I jumped back into homeschool support group leadership this year, and I probably average 2-3 hours a day on emails, calls, meetings, planning for that.
  • I am trying to coordinate a Powder Puff football game for the Lighthouse teens in November, and monthly teen meetings too.
  • I teach high school literature in our Friday TOG Co-op; that takes a few hours of prep work during the week
  • I am involved, along with Amanda and several other people, in planning a big homeschool Prom for the spring.
  • I need to get started with art classes again, for both Amanda and Jason - despite my best intentions, we just don't do art if I don't include other kids in a weekly class!
  • Mark & I are leading a high school girls small group on Sunday nights, to watch and discuss The Truth Project, starting in a couple of weeks
  • my kitchen walls are half painted... and have been for about 3 weeks now
  • I am scorekeeper for Amanda's volleyball team, and I am in charge of getting the awards for the end of the season banquet
  • I help my husband with sundry details of administrating Lighthouse Sports
  • oh, I do homeschool my 2 children who are still at home
  • and then there are the household chores.... well, I cook most nights and keep clean laundry available in a pile on the couch :-)
some of you read that list and are aghast, and others of you read that list and think, "piece of cake!" Most days I am in both camps! Things go chugging along and then something slips and I think "what in the world was I thinking?" I get through the crisis and then go right back to chugging along again. Guess it's the way I'm wired.

Well, I hope to get back into more of a routine with my blogging. I've been feeling a bit dry in that area, although there really is a wealth of things to write about. But sometimes I just don't have the energy. One of my friends recently blogged about deciding whether or not to quit blogging because her life was just so busy. But she decided that she needed to keep on writing because it was a way to keep family and friends connected to her family's antics, it was a record she was keeping for her children, in lieu of scrapbooking, and it was therapeutic for her! I relate to all of the above.

So keep coming back. Even if I disappear for a week or two, I'll eventually get back to the blog.

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Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Wow, it all sounds so familiar..... :-)