Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update on Iraq # 2

Contrast this picture with the ones I posted earlier this week. It is a picture Alex took a couple of weeks ago of a sandstorm in Kuwait. He said he went outside and it was a normal day. He went back inside for a couple of hours to work, came outside, and it looked like this!

I got to talk to Alex this afternoon on Skype, which is just so cool. You just need a camera and microphone on your computer, and you can see each other as you talk! And it is free. It was pretty late there, almost 1:00 am , but he said he isn't getting a whole lot of sleep because he works and then has meetings until about 10 PM, and then he goes to the gym to work out for an hour or two. He gets to bed around 1 AM and then gets up at 5 or 5:30 AM. He just moved into a room in a trailer this week, so he now has internet connection for his computer. In a month or so his unit will be moved to a different building on base, which he said is a lot farther away from everything - food, the gym, PX, his work, etc. - and he'll need to take a bus to get back and forth.

He said things are pretty quiet there - not too exciting.

I said, "GOOD!!!!!"

If you are a friend and would like Alex's mailing address in Iraq, let me know. Sorry, but I won't be sending the address to people I don't know.

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GrammaJelly said...

60109That's a pretty neat picture of the sandstorm. I guess we are not appreciating our weather here...that can't be good for their lungs.