Sunday, March 8, 2009

Homeschool Help : Favorite Printables

The weekly question over at Heart of the Matter is "what are your favorite printables and why?"

I do use printables from the internet quite often in my homeschool, and also for help with home management. Here are some of my favorites:

Enchanted Learning
I LOVE this site, and pay the $20 annual fee to get access to the entire site without ads. There are tons of great worksheets, coloring pages, booklets, craft instructions, etc, which I use with my elementary kids, and even thru middle school. There is a lot you can use that is free, too.

Free Printable Flashcard Maker
There are several sites online where you can create your own flashcards and either study them online, print them out, or download to a "portable media device". Flash My Brain and Study Stack are two that I looked at, and I might try them out sometime. But for now, I like this one that is free, simple to use, and no-frills. I use it just about every week to make flashcards for our TOG and Latin vocabulary words.

Donna Young has some great forms that you can print off to help with your homeschool and household planning - calendars, planners, timeline forms, etc. There are also math drill sheets, vocabulary lists, science lab report forms, and things like that. You have to search around. My favorite sections are the Household Planner and Homeschool Planner sections.

Love to Learn Place
This site has some awesome book report forms for levels Kindergarten thru Grade 6, which are progressive in that each level builds upon the skills learned in the previous levels. Your child first fills out the form to complete his report, and then graduates to writing without the form, but using the same format. There is a lot of other helpful information and printable pdf files for different school subjects. It is also presented from a Christian perspective.

Notebooking Pages
This site has tons of beautiful free notebooking pages and other great homeschooling helps. You could spend all day browsing through here. Check out the "Sowing Seeds of Character" Habit Training Cards. I use the biography notebooking pages often, but have grand plans to incorporate many more of the pages I have found here.

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Enjoying Life Together in NC said...

Well, my friend, you have saved me a great deal of time this week. This post just took care of my "got to find some help" list! :) Thanks so much!! You are full of such good info. Have a wonderful week!