Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lighthouse Basketball Awards Night

Last night was the Lighthouse Basketball Awards Night, held at the fellowship hall of Richland Creek Community Church. As always, it was a sweet night of fellowship as all five of this year's Lighthouse teams gathered, along with their families, to be recognized for their effort and achievement this season.
Each family brought a dessert and an
appetizer / finger food, and Lighthouse Sports provided the drinks, paper products, and decorations! After everyone had gotten through the food line ( and that was a LOOOONG line!), the program began with a time of appreciation for our wonderful, volunteer coaches! It was interesting this year that only one of the five Lighthouse head coaches actually was the parent of a player. The others were friends, a former player, and a dad who coached his middle son for the past few years and is now hanging around until his youngest son is old enough to play!! (hmmm, wonder who that is....) Then each coach got to call up his/her players, give them their certificates, and tell a little bit about their contribution to their team this season. The 10 seniors - 6 girls and 4 guys - each received the Senior Plaque which is a tradition with Lighthouse Sports.

After the middle school boys and JV girls both had players who gave a short speech and presentation to their coaches, the Varsity Boys could be seen huddling at their table around a napkin, jotting down some heartfelt sentiments about THEIR coach. haha Way to go, guys! You almost drew a tear from the one coach who is "not in touch with his feelings"...

The season is not quite over. Next week, the Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls, along with 48 other homeschool basketball teams, head to Lynchburg, VA to compete in the HSPN East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships at Liberty University.

One more time....

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