Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art Class: Tropical Birds

In art class this week, the boys painted tropical birds. We started by tracing, then drawing the same bird they had traced, and then drawing the bird again on watercolor paper and painting it with watercolor mixed with a gloss medium (Mod Podge Gloss). This makes a bright, glossy color that is very pretty when it dries! I put some drops of water on the tray of Crayola watercolors and let it sit for about 10 minutes, to soften up the colors a bit. Then I put a teaspoon or two of Mod Podge on a little styrofoam plate and the boys added a couple of brushfuls of watercolor paint and mixed it up. We did that for each color they wanted to use.


GrammaJelly said...

How exciting for the boys to see such wonderful results! Wish we could clone you for some classes up here! lots of love, mom

Creech Family said...

These are great! And I agree with your Mom - how can we clone you?!! Wish you were closer, EK really needs to be challenged more in her art and I just seem to always put it off. Glad you got to talk to Alex today, too. Talk to you soon -