Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

After returning from Liberty last weekend, Amanda ended up being sick for a couple of days and I was under the weather, but not actually sick. Good thing - there is no TIME for Mama to be sick.

Jason's town rec league basketball team had their tournament this week, and Jason's team won their first game on Monday, and then fought a tough battle against the 1st place team on Wednesday, actually leading at the half, falling behind by 10 points in the 3rd quarter, and then making a surge to come within 2 points at the end. So now basketball season IS over - well, after the MS Boys team party this afternoon, and the JV Girls team party on Tuesday.... oh, and packing away 100 uniforms and all the equipment in my garage...did I say over? Never mind certain members of my family are glued to the TV watching NCAA college basketball tournament games and checking their brackets daily ( hourly ) - can you say "MARCH MADNESS"?

Go Duke!

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