Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unexpected Blessings

We got a phone call from Alex this evening, telling us that he had 4 days off this weekend for the Veterans Day holiday and he was booking a flight home from TX! Woo Hoo! I promised him homemade apple pie, so I better get baking!
The cool thing is, we immediately called Sarah and Eric at college to let them know that their brother was coming home, and they both changed their weekend plans and are coming home too! Both had friends from Raleigh driving out to Boone this weekend, but they called them to tell them to stay put - that they'd be coming here instead! How awesome is that? I feel blessed beyond measure, that my children have such a close relationship. And I CANNOT WAIT to have all 7 of us under the same roof, even for a day! Yes, I know, I'm a sap. Completely and unapologetically. I love my family.


Shaw6pak said...

Beth - I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your children. I know it means a lot to you to have them all at home. Truly a blessing.

Renee said...

Beth, so excited for you and yours. Have a great long weekend. Apple Pie, yummy!


Tony D said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend is in store.
All my love and best wishes.
Give Alex a hug for me sis.

Creech Family said...

As much fun as Alex's (pumpkin) stand-in was last weekend, I know all of you are thrilled to get to see the "real thing" this weekend! Hope you guys have load of fun and create lots of great memories as a family together. Tell them all "Hello" from our family, too.

GrammaJelly said...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend....our thoughts will be with you the whole time. Please give them all a special hug from Grammy & Grandpa. Lots of love, mom

The Freeland Family said...

The real thing beats the dummy in the yard! Have a wonderful weekend!