Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tech Trouble and Interesting Article on the Election

I love history, and reading about life in days gone by. "Little House on the Prairie" seems so simple and nostalgic. But I really like my modern tools and conveniences! I am in no way inclined to give up my vehicle, my KitchenAid mixer or microwave, my washer & dryer, my internet connection.... you get the idea. But this week I am SUFFERING through a broken computer AND a busted cell phone. Agh! The family desktop computer has been limping along for several months now, with apparent difficulties in the start-up mode and a propensity to just freeze or shut down at random moments. Now it won't start up at all. And my cell phone has suddenly lost the ability to power on, even though fully charged. Since Amanda and I share that phone, and both depend on that desktop for many things during the day ( I didn't realize how MANY things!), we are feeling very deprived and isolated - and are both waiting at the door for poor Mark when he comes home from work at night, not to greet him with slippers and a nice hot dinner, but to grab his laptop and run!

So as I'm quickly scanning headlines and emails this morning before Mark takes his computer to work with him ( good thing I get up early!), I read an interesting article by Reb Bradley on World Net Daily - Conservatives for Obama?
In it, Mr. Bradley expresses a theory as to why so many professing Christians and conservatives voted for Barack Obama in this election. He
attributes this to the fact that Obama won people's hearts, because we as a people have become ruled by emotion and feeling and passions rather than by reason and constraint. We live in a culture that prizes self-gratification and self-indulgence and actively avoids the suffering of consequences, at both a personal and corporate level.
Interesting perspective. What do you think?



Renee said...

Wow, what a powerful article by Reb Bradley. I remember years ago ordering some of his tapes on raising children from the NCHE conference. This article has certainly made me stop and think.

Thanks Beth,

Creech Family said...

Sorry for the computer problem - I so sympathize!! Amazing how dependent we all are on technology, huh? Are you all going to be in town for Thanksgiving? Hope to see you soon -

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Sounds to me like a reasonable conclusion from Mr. Bradley....

Thanks for making me appreciate my computer today, and appreciate that even though my cell phone battery only lasts 24 hours (I prefer 48 thank yo) that it still works fine.

Have a great Thanksgiving.