Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Christmas Purchase of the Year and Online Shopping

Well, I did it. I placed my first mail order of this Christmas season! I am not a Christmas in July kind of person. I really dislike focusing on Christmas before the leaves even start turning color! But I also HATE to shop, and prefer to do as much as possible by mail, which means thinking at least a little bit ahead.

Some of my favorite online shops are:
Don't forget homeschool businesses when shopping for Christmas gifts. Rather than trendy fads from the discount store toy aisle, buy enduring, educational items with real play value!
  • Home Science Tools - science kits, butterfly garden, binoculars, telescope, weather station, magnets, robot kits, K'nex, books
  • Miller Pads and Paper - paint sets, flesh tone colored pencils,watercolor pencils, scrapbooking paper, art kits, clay, etc.
  • Vision Forum - wooden pop gun, leather cowboy hat, spy kit, replica swords, tri-corner hat, Continental soldier's drum, toy knights and castle, wicker doll carriage, silver tea set, Beautiful Girlhood dolls, play tepee
  • Keepers of the Faith - kits and books for learning skills such as sewing, cake decorating, quilling, woodburning, leatherworking, latchhooking, etc.
  • Great Homeschool T shirts - you guessed it! homeschool t shirts and sweats and tote bags
  • Hands & Hearts - Aristoplay games, Lauri puzzles, hands-on history kits, Color & Learn coloring books
You can also support worthy causes:
  • AHOPE for Children - purchase tshirts, hoodies, silver jewelry, coffee,& cards and help care for orphans with HIV in Ethiopia
Leave a comment to tell us about your favorite place to shop online.



Creech Family said...

Funny, I am placing my first order this week, too. D survived another round of cuts - the company is now down to just over 250 employees (out of almost 1500 a year and half ago!). He's the only one left to run his 3 neighborhoods so he will be working long, long hours but we are thankful for the job!! So today I am placing our first (and probably biggest) order - with Vision Forum. They have free shipping and their toys and books are excellent quality in all respects, and I feel good that my money is going to support a good ministry, rather than a company that might be supporting things to which we are opposed. I know you did an article or speech sometime in the past that helped me realize this and I can't thank you enough! Do you have any good suggestions for toys/games that stand the test of time? I think you have done a great job over the years getting lasting things, not just fads and would like your suggestions!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with the family together!

The Freeland Family said...

JULY!? I was finished by the end of May! I love finding a good sale all year long and this year the sales almost found me. :) ~S

Renee said...

I love the special basket idea. I have one or two baseball lovers in my family. Thanks for "spreading the wealth" around in a way that benefits your sisters in Christ who are trying to be frugal and wise shoppers.

God bless,

Finley said...

That’s great..! I always prefer Christmas stuff through online shopping. I can't even imagine Christmas w/o online shopping.