Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creative Gift Giving - Part I

Although I intend to savor the sights and smells of Autumn for as long as possible, I do recognize the need to start planning a little bit early for Christmas gift-giving. Here are some gift basket ideas from Craft Central Station that are clever, economical, fairly simple, and thoughtful:

Keep In Touch basket ( in a square basket )
  • note cards
  • envelopes
  • nice pens
  • stamps
  • letter opener
  • personalized seal and sealing wax
  • personalized return address labels
Crafter basket (in a plastic storage container with a lid )
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • tubes of acrylic paint
  • assorted paint brushes
  • assorted craft supplies - beads, buttons, pompoms, stickers, etc.
  • craft how-to book
Dog-lover basket (in a lg dog bowl )
  • squeaky toy
  • dog collar
  • dog biscuits
  • dog brush
  • acrylic dog bone
Baseball Lover basket ( in a baseball cap )
  • baseball trading cards
  • batting gloves
  • baseball
  • chewing gum
  • glove oil
  • baseball video
Car Care basket (in a plastic bucket)
  • chamois
  • squeegee
  • tire pressure guage
  • ice scraper
  • quart of oil
  • car wash coupons
Gardener basket ( in a flower pot )
  • garden gloves
  • hand trowel and rake
  • bottle of liquid fertilizer
  • Gardening magazine
Relaxation Basket
Nostalgic Childhood Basket
  • a classic children's storybook
  • packets of hot chocolate
  • stick candy
  • a teddy bear
  • a coloring book & crayons
  • a potholder loom and colored loops
  • a Slinky
Workout Basket ( in a sport bag )
  • pedometer
  • water bottle
  • shoelaces
  • sports socks
  • sweatband
  • Power bars
  • jump rope

1 comment:

Mariel said...

Great ideas, Beth! I will print this and use some of them...last year I also made a 'movie lovers basket' for my brother-in-law. In an oversized popcorn bowl, I put a box of microwave popcorn, gift certificate for Blockbuster, a large candy bar, a small soda bottle...and I forget whatelse. It was a big hit, though. :)