Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After...

Well, I doubt it will come as a surprise to anyone who reads this that I was profoundly disappointed by the election results last night. Not surprised. But disappointed all the same. There are a few issues that cause me serious concern when contemplating an Obama presidency - the well-being of our troops and the ability of our nation to combat terrorism; the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; Supreme Court Justice nominees. There are so many more.


As I watched the celebrating crowds listening to Obama's victory speech, I was struck by the emotion that was more than gleeful gloating and "we beat them" exhiliration. I saw Joy. I saw relief. I saw tears of gladness. I started to feel compassion for these people, who have pinned so many
hopes and dreams and expectations on the shoulders of this man. And I started to feel sorry for them, because I believe they will be disappointed. Not because Barack Obama doesn't have the ability to be a good leader. But because he is not perfect. He isn't "The One" that they REALLY need. He is human and will fall short. There is only one real Messiah, and he wasn't born in Hawaii ( or Kenya, depending on which version you believe)

The nosedive of the Republican Party has for me illuminated the fact that we cannot look to any politician or party or human government for our happiness and security. We must look beyond our present circumstances, whatever they might be, and place our trust and hope in Christ and Christ alone! He will never change; he will never forsake us; he will never disappoint us.

I do believe that we are to do what we can, through our participation in the institutions that exist, to establish good government that will protect us and allow us to live in peace. But no matter who is in power, we must continue to love our neighbor as ourself, to reach out to the poor and downtrodden, to teach and disciple our children, to live humbly, to be a light in the darkness as passionate followers of the living Christ. So in that respect, today is no different than yesterday.


Mariel said...

Amen, Beth!

The Freeland Family said...

Well said, Beth! I'm so glad I read this blog tonight.

See you Friday,

Shaw6pak said...

Absolutely, positively correct.

Mrs. Edwards said...

You're right. I, too, noticed a deeper joy than simple "we won" elation. I also have been thinking about how easily our government can be our idol when we look to it to provide for our needs.

I've posted a bit on this and you might enjoy taking a look.

I enjoy your blog pretty regularly.

Your fellow TOG blogroller, from Veritas at Home
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Renee said...

Were you reading my mind? AMEN! We are to pray continually and be thankful always and for everything. As history has taught us and the scriptures have revealed, God's providential hand is in control. He is STILL ON The Throne and He is LARGE and IN CHARGE! We can trust HIM.

Thanks Beth,