Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

We are all back to school.


Things have been super busy, and the computer has been very cranky, thus the lack of updates to this blog. Let's see, since my last update, I have moved E into his dorm at Appalachian State; started our TOG Year 2 Co-op; celebrated my and Mark's birthdays; celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary; gone to several of A's homeschool volleyball games; put together the Sept. newsletter for our homeschool group; and spent the long Labor Day weekend camping in the mountains.

Now I am playing catch up after that extra long weekend ( we got home late Tuesday afternoon ) and am trying to read the TOG Yr.2 Week 4 upper grammar and rhetoric assignments and prepare to teach literature and writing at Co-op on Friday, and also prepare for the first class of Creating Books With Children, which I am teaching to a class of 16 kids at Homelight Books starting next Tuesday. I'm also trying to do all the dirty laundry from the weekend ( camping creates lots of that ), and go clean out the camper so we can close it up before the rain from Hurricane Hanna hits on Friday!

E and S are doing fine at college as they go through week 2 of classes - both report that their professors have assigned entirely too much work for so early in the semester! E lost his cell phone today when it fell out of his backpack while hiking back from a visit to a local waterfall...

Alex is out on field exercises in TX - he reports that he'll be without a shower for the next 4 weeks. I guess that is part of preparing for the challenges of the battlefield. Get used to being dirty and smelly!

I watched some of the coverage of the Republican Convention on tv tonight. I must say, I am impressed with Sarah Palin. What a firecracker! I wasn't overly enthused with John McCain as the Republican nominee - although I knew I had to vote for him because the alternative is unthinkable - BUT I am definitely more encouraged and more excited after learning more about this VP pick. She brings something fresh to the table. Should be an interesting 2 months!

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