Wednesday, September 10, 2008

High School Essays Being Scored By Computers?

Okay, this is rather bizarre, but apparently several textbook companies now offer online computerized essay scoring, and some public schools are signing on for this service, requiring that students achieve a certain score before being allowed to graduate. Read this blog post at Yarns of the Heart, and see what you think!
And here is a follow up to that first post.




Renee said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for commenting on my blog "yokes". You are a blessing.

We do want to be members of Lighthouse this year, but will have to wait until January. My husband has had a cut (smaller than some)but still, ugh! We just didn't have it by the deadline. Anyway, God knows what we are supposed to be doing and when. Have a great week!


GrammaJelly said...

Oh, this saddens me to the core. I hope that our public school teachers and administration can see the folly of adopting such a 'tool'...I can't imagine how demoralizing this is to the students who use it...Ugh! Thanks, again, Beth, for following your heart and leading our grandchildren through the educational maze. You have to know by now how proud I am of you and your successes. Lots of love, mom

Creech Family said...

Amazing that this is considered a "tool" for teachers! Computers are wonderful things (understood especially when you do without them for a while!) but it worries me that any teachers or schools cannot see the folly in using a program like this. Just another reason to keep doing what we do at home!!

Jena said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to me. I'm enjoying your blog. :)