Sunday, September 28, 2008


Friday was Eric's 19th birthday. He and Sarah both came home for the weekend, so we threw a surprise birthday party for Eric last night. And it worked! He WAS surprised. woo hoo!

His girlfriend took him out for the afternoon to go rollerskating and then back to hang out at her house and watch a movie. The ruse was that they would come back here around 6:30 for a family "birthday dinner. Instead, a bunch of his friends came at 5:30, parking on the other side of the street to make it look like the neighbors were having a party(!), and we waited for them to arrive so we could yell "SURPRISE!".

His reaction?

"So, we're not having Fajitas?" (his request for his Birthday Dinner)

Sorry Eric, we'll have Fajitas next time you're home.


GrammaJelly said...

Oh, I sure do wish I could have joined you for this happy occasion! Congrats, Eric! Love the pics, Beth!
Lots of love, Gram

Creech Family said...

Looked like lots of fun - hope you enjoyed every minute with your "grown ones"! Funny how quickly 19 years passes, huh?!

STEVE D said...

Congratulations Eric, Happy 19th, How time flys!
Beth, Thanks for the posting.

Christina Donatelli-Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Eric!
How old are you again????

Wolfemom said...

Beth, Thanks for your post. Until last year, I had never heard of Appalacian State... and then they beat Michigan in football:( Being a U of M alumni, I now am fully aware of ASU :)
Love the penny war... great idea! Tell your daughter we are hoping to travel in November (God willing) and would be glad to bring stuff to Kolfe if needed.