Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Favorite Blogs: Making Home

Making Home is one of those blogs that I find myself visiting over and over again. Jess describes her blog as "a place to discuss the hows and whys of making our homes pleasing to God". She describes herself this way:
"I'm the happy wife of a wonderful man, and delighted mommy to four kids six & under. I'm an avid reader, lifelong learner, improving family chef/baker, people & personality watcher, homeschooler, recovering feminist, and a God-seeking, authenticity-craving, husband-helpin, kid-lovin, truth-chasing, kingdom-focused woman."

She sounds like someone I'd like to know and could be friends with. :-)

A recent post of hers on marriage and sexuality stomped all over my toes, and even caused me to ...ahem... apologize to my husband. grrrr

Some Subtle Effects of the Birth-Control Culture made some great, spot-on observations, such as these:
#1 Young couples are thought irresponsible if they get pregnant right away...
#2 "Was it planned?" is no longer deemed a rude and quite personal question...
#3 Children are often seen and even referred to as an "accident"
#4 Large families are either seen as incredible or insane!

Time management, personal quiet times, parenting, mentoring, prayer,
politics, hospitality... she explores a variety of topics and doesn't avoid difficult ones, addressing each with insight and intelligence.



Jess said...

Wow, thank you so much for the sweet words (I found you through the referrals through sitemeter)... what an encouragement! I think you're right... we could be friends. :) I have lots of buds that hail from NC, either originally, or after attending seminary there. Many blessings and thanks again!


Shaw6pak said...

Hey there. I checked out Jess's blog. AWESOME. I had to tear myself away in order to get to school this morning. Thank you for the recommendation. Very good. ~~~Kristi