Thursday, August 21, 2008

Typical Homeschool Day?

We started school last week, but are still not into our "routine". There have been 2 dentist appointments, a birthday, and 2 college students to do last-minute shopping with and move to school. Yesterday was Jason's 10th birthday, so he was excused from school for the day! He played with his new soccer video game and went bowling with a friend instead. Maybe next week, we'll find our "routine".

I'm not exactly sure what our routine looks like. People often ask what a typical homeschool day looks like. Hmmmm. "Which day would that be?" I could describe what school looks like on a day when we are home and not going to volleyball practice or games or choir or science class or Co-op or running errands... but that wouldn't exactly be typical. I could describe what an ideal school day would be like... but that wouldn't be typical either. So to pull a random day out of the hat - let me tell you what today might look like. It is 10:00 AM and Jason is watching a recap of yesterday's Olympic events on ESPN while I am updating my blog. Amanda slept over at her friend E's house last night because it is was E's birthday. So in a couple of minutes I will remind J to finish his morning chores and have some breakfast, and I'll do the same. Then we'll sit down on the couch and work on the next section of "How to Study Your Bible for Kids". I'll read aloud some more from our history selections for this week - The Story of the Middle Ages, Trial and Triumph, and The Byzantine Empire - and J will read from Tales of King Arthur. We'll do a lesson of Sequential Spelling and a page of Easy Grammar, and then he'll do his Horizons Math lesson for today. Mmmm, lunch will be in there somewhere as well, and Gregorian Chants sung by the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of St. Maurice will be playing as background music ( we are studying the Middle Ages!) Eric will be packing his piles into suitcases and bins all afternoon. I will run over and pick up Amanda after lunch, and she'll hopefully have time to at least do her math ( Teaching Textbooks Alg.I - still ) and maybe some reading before getting ready for volleyball. Mark will get home early so we can all drive up to Henderson at 3:00 for her game against Crossroads Christian School this afternoon. We'll get home and I'll throw together a quick but nutritious dinner - unless we stop at Taco Bell - and then I'll look at today's list to see what didn't get done that needs to be bumped to Saturday, since we'll be going to Boone tomorrow. Eric will realize that we haven't bought him any SNACKS / FOOD to take to college and we'll have to make a run to Super WalMart. Amanda and I will put in some computer time, I'll read a chapter from "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" before J goes to bed, and then I'll probably stay up way too late, along with my teens.

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Eve said...

Thanks, Beth. Your schedule makes my day seem "normal"! :)