Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Gone

Yesterday Eric, his girlfriend Ryan, and I took Sarah back to college in Boone and moved her into her new dorm. She is an RA ( resident advisor), so she has to be back on campus EARLY. Eric doesn't go until a week from Friday.
Boone is a 3 1/2 hour trip - one way - so this was an all-day-event. The weather was beautiful though, and we had a nice trip out there, arriving around 12:30. It took NUMEROUS trips for the 4 of us to carry all her belongings into the building and up the elevator to her room. Then it took us about an hour to rearrange the furniture in her room to suit her and make room for the rented micro-fridge ( combination microwave oven / mini fridge ) which was waiting in the middle of her room when we arrived.
Once all that was done, we walked over to the campus bookstore so Eric could pick up his new MacBook laptop computer! Oh, he is a happy camper! :-)

Then we made another trip to WalMart ( the shopping never ends) for the couple of things that we hadn't picked up earlier in the week - printer ink cartridge, make-up, and food - apparently the RAs are only fed sporadically for the first few days since dining halls are not operational yet.
All this work made us all hungry, so we pulled into Mellow Mushroom Pizza Restaurant and dug into a large pepperoni pizza before we dropped Sarah off at her dorm and started the trip back home, arriving around 13 hours after we left. I intended to drop into bed, but couldn't resist a couple hours of Olympic viewing. It was GYMNASTICS, after all.
We'll do it all again next week. :-)

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