Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, I've about gotten over this cold. I think the Echinacea & C capsules as well as the Zinc lozenges and orange juice I pounded all helped shorten the duration... I still have a lingering cough and sometimes drippy nose, but feel MUCH better than last week.

Alex had his 4 wisdom teeth removed on Friday. He had cavities in 2 of them, one upper and one lower, and decided he should take care of it now and not wait for the Army to yank them later. Wise, I think. Anyway, he stayed here for the weekend and ate jello and pudding and yogurt, progressing to macaroni and cheese and chicken noodle soup, and went back to college on Sunday with his bottle of pain killers, but his face looking pretty much back to normal. I cut his hair for him while he was home too ~ an "Army" cut, buzzed with no guard... didn't start off quite that way, but let's just say that my attempts at blending short to longer on top didn't quite work out.
He called this afternoon, quite excited ( for Alex ) over his first Spanish grade for this semester ~ a 93. Woo hoo! Foreign languages are like.... well, foreign languages to him! Doesn't come too easily. This Spanish 3 class is required for his major, so that grade is a great way to start the semester.

School is going well so far. We haven't actually gotten through a whole week as planned yet, but that is pretty typical. Between Labor Day holiday, birthdays, sickness, field trip, volleyball, wisdom teeth .... life happens. My weekly schedules are my starting point and compass, pointing to where we want to go each week. We may digress from the plan, but the compass points us back to where we should be. So if we don't get it all done.... so what? Learning does not just happen in the few things I write down on my piece of paper.

Our Co-op on Fridays is great fun. This was a great addition to our school. Thank you, Eve, for getting all of us pulled together. I think we have a great group of families, and I'm looking forward to each week. I just have to get my Jeopardy cards made before late Thursday night!

Jason starts soccer this week. He is excited! Really, he loves any and all sports. I'll miss his game this week because Amanda and I are hosting a Stampin' Up party and brunch here. I need a few more supplies to get going, but we are wanting to make greeting cards for our family and friends, and maybe some to put in Aunt Chris's new gift shop in CT?????

Mark is studying plumbing manuals this week, trying to figure out how to repair our bathroom shower. It is always something..... we have been down to one shower for the past 2 weeks.


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