Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Family First

Well, Jason made family history today, as the first Herbert child to require a cast! He fell during his soccer game this morning and fractured the radius in his left arm. I saw him fall, and when he got up he immediately ran off the field holding onto his arm. That was unusual ~ he's a tough little kid and usually bounces back up. Mark, as usual, hollered, "You're okay! Shake it off!" Isn't that what you tell your kids when they fall and get banged up playing sports? Well, Jason had woken up "on the wrong side of the bed" this morning, unusually tired and grumpy, and played over an hour of pick-up basketball with the Lighthouse ( homeschool group ) boys before his game, and was now crying and grimacing in pain. Mark and I looked at each other and thought, "Boy, is he tired!" We got ice from the concession stand and then decided to take him home, get him some lunch, and put him to bed to see if that helped. Well, when he got out of bed after about an hour, he was still in pain, and seemed to especially have pain if he moved his arm a certain way. So I decided it was time for an x-ray. My husband wasn't so sure.... but this time Mom overruled. So Mark took him to the local Urgent Care office, where they did an x-ray that clearly showed a fracture about 2 inches above the wrist. They put a temporary cast on it, and Monday we have to take him to a hand specialist to have a real cast put on. He's deciding on what color he wants ~ apparently casts today come in a variety of different colors!


Creech Family said...

So sorry that J had a "first" like that! Hope he's doing better - tell him a friend of Emma's carried around a little ziploc bag with colored perm markers with her so everywhere she went people could "sign" her cast. Hope the rest of your weekend was less eventful. We had a great trip yesterday and I'm heading out now with E&E down to Smithfield to pick up 40 soil test kits. Later this afternoon our science lesson is going to be how to take soil samples! This is just too much fun! (Reminder me of that comment in Jan when we are freezing our fingers off hand planting 500+ trees!!) Talk to you later - BTW - the shower gift has arrived! I can't wait for them to find out when they are going!

Rebecca said...

Casts are exciting! My little bone-breaker (2 yr old) didn't get a cast - collarbone broken by jumping off the chair backwards, with his eyes closed. I had the option of a brace, but the doctor took one look at my son and said, "He doesn't look like he'd wear a brace ...."