Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wedding Celebration

My girls and I attended the wedding of our pastor's youngest daughter this afternoon. Bride and groom are both in their early twenties, recently out of college. They met in the church nursery, where both had volunteered when extra workers were needed one Sunday morning. Both have a heritage of families who love and serve the Lord; their grandfathers, both retired Baptist ministers, took part in the ceremony. These radiant young people were shining with such love and anticipation, as it should be on one's wedding day. But they also radiated a love for Jesus Christ, evident in the ceremony, in their recorded messages to each other played over the loudspeaker before the start of the ceremony, and in their vows. This wasn't fake or forced or shallow, but deep and abiding. Their first kiss as husband and wife was truly their first kiss, as they had deliberately saved themselves, even during their engagement, for the day when they were wed before God and man. It was both beautiful and encouraging.

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