Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Favorite Christian Family Resources

Family Life and Focus on the Family are two organizations that have provided much information, wisdom, and encouragement to me as a Christian woman, wife, and mother over the years. I used to listen to their radio broadcasts almost daily when my kids were little, but just don't have that time in the afternoon anymore. However, the ability to listen to broadcasts online still allows me to tune in occasionally. Mostly, I now benefit from articles and email newsletters. One that I receive now is called "Moments Together for Couples". It is short but pertinent, challenging me to work on my marriage and bless my husband and walk my talk!


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Creech Family said...

Great devotion at "Moments Together" and today's topic (laughter) is one I needed to hear! Thanks - I've signed up to get their email and look forward to it (I was getting their "Hope for Orphans" one but wasn't aware of the ones on marriage). Hope you and yours are well - we got back in very late last night (this morning) and I was so wired on caffeine (that I had drank to keep awake to drive back) that I couldn't sleep until after 3am. Of course today I'm dragging! Want to try to get together soon?