Monday, June 25, 2007

Another "Quiet" Week

Three kids are at Camp again this week - one as a counselor and two as CITs ( counselors-in-training ). So that leaves the oldest and youngest at home ~ and the oldest spends most of his time at work. I had to get up VERY early this morning to take him to the Y for his 5:30 AM shift, because I needed the car to take Jason to a dentist appointment this morning. No cavities - hooray! Had to stop at camp because Amanda left her contacts at home. Good thing camp is only 15 minutes from home ~ I had to go last night and drop off Eric's sheets/comforter, which he had forgotten to take out of the dryer when he left the house in the afternoon.
Went to WalMart and bought some food ( can't seem to keep that in the house!) Then it was home to work on some school preparations, do some laundry and cleaning...
Made Pasta Fagiole and salad for supper.
Afterwards, Mark, Jason and I went for a 3-mile walk.
Not too exciting - just a quiet day.

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Creech Family said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!! Enjoy your week and let me know when we can get together!