Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Like These Lunch Boxes

Choosing a lunch box was a big part of the back-to-school ritual when I was a little girl. I don't remember my lunch boxes very well... I think I had a red plaid metal lunch box in first grade.  But I do remember when the metal boxes with the glass-lined thermoses were replaced by the jazzier, chunkier plastic lunch boxes with the non-breakable thermoses.  And then later, insulated lunch bags became the rage.  My sandwiches were wrapped in squares of wax paper, then baggies or plastic wrap, then reusable Tupperware squares.
Even though we are homeschoolers, we still have a need for lunch boxes once in a while. We bring lunch to Co-op every Friday, and occasionally on a field trip or other outing. Right now we have a couple of unexciting zippered lunch boxes from Target.  But I just found this website for Easy Lunch Boxes, and I am intrigued! These roomy, insulated cooler bags pair with single-lid 3-compartment reusable food containers. Economical and environmentally-friendly.  The website offers some very appetizing lunch box suggestions, and links to many more.  These might actually inspire me to up my game in the lunch department this year. I've gotten into a rut and not been very healthy or creative in my approach to the mid-day meal.  


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Renee said...

These are cool. I am looking for something for my husband to take his lunches in these would be awesome. Thanks for the tip.