Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Lull

After such a crazy spring, I am enjoying a time of respite - just chilling out here at home! No classes to teach, meetings to run to, big events to coordinate....
I've been trying to organize, but that is such a slow process for me. I apparently have a big mental block when it comes to that and I have to organize in short spurts or I get very frustrated.  I'm trying not to just shuffle my clutter around into neater piles - LOL!   Today I'm working on my pantry and fridge.

I spent the last couple of days getting ready to order books & curriculum for the fall.  I have 3 "shopping carts" online ready to place orders -  Amazon, CBD, and Bookshelf Central - as soon as Mark's bonus hits the bank account.  :-)
I learned a lesson last year, that spacing out my book purchases throughout the year didn't work  because we ran out of paycheck before we ran out of month over and over again.  I struggled in the spring to get through our TOG year by piecing things together rather haphazardly.  I still plan to use the library a lot and substitute some books I already own for ones on the TOG book list, but there are  a number of core history and literature books that I need to have for both Amanda and Jason in order to be prepared for Co-op. I have found quite a few  from the Amazon used booksellers at reduced prices. Still, it adds up to a big chunk of change. 

Last night I went out with some of the ladies from our little church for a Moms' Night Out. We met at the Food Court at the mall at 7pm, and spent a couple of hours chit chatting and getting to know one another better, and finally left when we noticed we were the only ones in the place and the workers were patiently waiting for us to depart so they could shut off the lights and lock the doors!   Our church has a fellowship lunch every week after the worship service, but lots of the moms with little children are so busy supervising their brood that they don't have much time to talk.   

I am not a gardener, but I wish I was. :-/   I love the idea of gardening.  We live on a wooded lot without a lot of open, sunny space, so I didn't think vegetables would do very well. But we were given two little tomato plants about 6 weeks ago, so Mark found a somewhat sunny spot in the back yard, dug two holes and filled them with a bagged garden soil mixture, and stuck the plants in.   And now those 2 tomato plants are almost as tall as me!  There are several little green tomatoes on them, and I'm looking forward to eating a fresh, homegrown tomato salad later this summer!  Deer don't like tomatoes, do they?

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Renee said...

Hey there Beth. Great seeing you at conference. I have a new blog hope you'll come and visit me sometime. Take care Beth.