Friday, June 18, 2010

Projects Around the House

For good or for bad, home improvement projects have taken a back seat to ... well, everything else... for most of our marriage.  Mark doesn't really enjoy spending time working on the house or yard, but will do so when absolutely necessary.  I have grand ideas and dreams and visions of loveliness that usually involve major remodeling of some kind, but lack of funds pretty much keeps those dreams in my head.  A new  coat of paint, a ceiling fan, a throw rug... that's about the extent of our normal projects. But once in a while we decide to tackle something bigger, like last summer's decision to paint my kitchen cabinets, walls, and woodwork totally new colors! ( okay, that was definitely MY decision )   This summer we are considering pulling out the yucky, dirty, ripped beige carpet in the living room and den, and putting down hardwood floors!  Yesterday we got an estimate - ouch!  A little more than we anticipated, but still a possibility.  I'm starting to get excited!

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Enjoying Life Together said...

Do it yourself. We've done 3 houses! This entire house is hardwood except the kitchen, bathrooms and closets. Call me and I'll tell you the secrets to less expensive wood too. Too much to type.