Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Daughter's Heart for Africa

My 21-year-old daughter, Sarah, is hoping to spend 4 weeks in Ethiopia this summer, volunteering in orphanages in Addis Ababa. Several friends of ours have adopted children from Ethiopia over the past 2 years, and Sarah's heart has been touched by these children and by the orphan crisis in that land.

In Ethiopia, approximately 1 in 10 children die in infancy, and nearly double that number die by their 5th birthday, due to infections, tetanus and diarrhea. Due to high infant, child and maternal mortality, Ethiopia is considered by the Mother and Child Index to be the 3rd most dangerous place in the world to be born, better only than Burkina Faso and Djibouti. Of the children who survive, many will lose their mother in childbirth and many more will lose one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. As more and more parents die, the capacity of extended family members to take care of orphans shrinks. Ethiopia has reached the breaking point where orphaned children are now forced into the streets, into difficult working conditions and/or into heading their households.

Go to Sarah's blog to learn more about her trip.

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erica said...

Bravo! What your daughter is doing is amazing and very inspirational. We have a friend who's daughter did the same thing. We sponsor an child from Kenya - his name is Chondo. it's a great feeling to give back.

We work with an organization that's been instrumental in helping developing countries. We currently sponsor 10 thousand children in 6 different developing countries and we're on track to sponsor 1 MILLI0N more by 2013! We've also built 2 hospitals, 15 schools and 4 biogas digesters.

Have a look at our website if you get a chance

We're building the Largest Humanitarian Army in the WORLD...and we could always use a few more soldiers!

Kenny & Erica Jones