Thursday, January 15, 2009

Edible Color Wheel

We had an art class today - just with Jason and his friend, Nathan, to start out. Jason has been so insistent - he really enjoyed the classes we did last year. But I just haven't been able to get my act together enough to plan anything. I finally decided to just START. I'll figure out if it really works into our schedule later. haha

Anyway, today we made edible color wheels! The supplies were a box of vanilla wafer cookies, a can of vanilla frosting, and some food coloring! Nathan dubbed this "the best art class ever".

First mix up the 3 primary colors : red, blue, and yellow.
Next come the secondary colors: red + yellow = orange; yellow + blue = green; blue + red = violet
Finally, mix a primary color with its neighboring secondary color to make an intermediate color: red + orange= red orange; orange + yellow = yellow orange; yellow+ green = yellow green; green + blue = blue green; blue + violet =blue violet; violet + red = red violet

Voila! A color wheel!

We learned that complementary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. One way to make a shadow is to mix a color with its complementary color.

Top two rows are tints of red and blue - start with the color and gradually add more and more white
Bottom two rows are shades of red and blue - start with the color and gradually add more and more black

After we were done, they got to eat the lesson.


GrammaJelly said...

What a fun lesson! ! ! !

Eve said...

Owen will be so bummed to have missed that lesson. He asks me almost weekly about art! One day...