Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Questions About Homeschooling

This week's meme at Heart of the Matter is : "What are some of the craziest questions you have gotten about homeschooling, and the goofiest responses you have given. "

Well, I'm not a goofy response kind of girl. I might think of them later, but never on the spot. I can't even tell a good joke, because I can't remember them. And that isn't just an age thing - it has always been true.

But the craziest question I ever got about homeschooling was 3 years ago, when my family and I were at the first HSPN East Coast Homeschool Basketball Tournament at Liberty University in VA. There were about 40 middle school, JV, and Varsity homeschool teams from all over the East Coast participating that year, and our team had just finished playing a game at the beautiful Vine Center. As we were walking up the steps out of the arena, one of the game officials turned around and queried, "Where do they get all these homeless kids?"
We kindly informed him that these were "homeschool" teams, not "homeless". He still didn't seem to understand the difference.

Now that was a first.


Kathleen said...

Too funny! A little sad too, but funny! :)

Karin Katherine said...

Oh my! Thanks for the laugh!