Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions for the New Year

I avoid making New Year Resolutions... generally because I know myself pretty well and tend to get distracted from even the most well-laid plans! But there are a number of things that I'm hoping for or planning to do in the coming months... and it might not be a bad idea to record them here... then maybe I'll look at them from time to time and be reminded of my good intentions.

1. Go back to making a weekly menu ( I actually just wrote out a 4-week menu! ) I have gotten away from that lately, resulting in way too many late afternoon dashes to the grocery to pick up "something to make for dinner!"

2. Start to exercise again. I'm not exactly sure what... but I'll probably start wearing the pedometer and trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, for starters. Also, if I can get the kids to get the Dance Praise game set up, I think that would be a fun way to get movin'!

3. Add art to our weekly school schedule again. Jason has been very insistent... actually very, very ,very insistent that I teach art class again every week. I love doing art with the kids... it is just so hard to find a consistent spot for it in our weekly schedule!

4. Declutter the bedrooms. We have all been working on the bedroom clutter this week, and have collectively sent about 8 large trash bags of clothes, shoes, and stuffed animals to Goodwill, as well as taken out several bags of trash - ripped clothing, old papers & notebooks, useless knicknacks, candy wrappers, broken pencils, etc. I wish I could say that the rooms look so much better....

5. Scan old photos into the computer and create scrapbooks ( digital ) for each of the kids. I have started scanning in photos, but this could take a really LONG time...

6. Get more sleep - i.e. stop staying up until 2AM doing stuff on the computer!

There are many more things I could add, but I'll stop here for now. Too much at once, and I'll get overwhelmed and just freeze up and do nothing. Let's see if I can start with this list, and just add on the rest gradually. I'll let you know how it goes.



Anonymous said...

Pretty ambitious goals. Good luck!
Love ya,

Renee said...


Are you doing a class like you did last year in your home for art? I would be willing to drive to you if you would allow my kids to come. I would even prepare snacks for us.