Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ken's Corn Maze

Last night we joined 4 other families for an evening of fun at Ken's Corn Maze in Garner, NC. For the past two years, I have sat at a picnic table and drank hot chocolate with the other moms while dads and kids traipsed through the maze. But this year, the teen girls challenged the moms to see who could go through the maze the fastest - so Tammy, Angela, and I became a team! Now I have a whole new appreciation for how confusing it can be in there! Whew! 2 1/2 miles of path cut into a 6 acre cornfield, with the cornstalks up to 8 feet high in some sections... plus it is night and the paths are shadowy and dark even with the floodlights and our poor little flashlight...

The maze is divided into 3 sections - red, blue & orange - marked by colored tape lining the paths. Each player or team ( up to 6 people ) gets a flag attached to a six-foot pole and a game card. Within the maze are twelve stations, each marked with a different letter spelling KENS CORN MAZE, and a hole punch. The objective is to find each of the twelve stations and punch the matching letters on the game card in the shortest possible time. The game card is punched with the time when you enter the maze and when you exit.

Our time was 59 minutes! Amanda, Emily, and Ellie finished in 56 minutes. Mark, Jason, Rob, Nathan, and Owen came out just behind them in 57 minues.

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