Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Makeover

What do you think? I have long wanted a "pretty blog", but didn't have the time to learn HTLM nor could I rationalize paying a professional. But this template and many more are FREE from The Cutest Blog on the Block! And EASY EASY EASY to add!
I tried out a few, but this one feels warm and cozy for the colder months ahead and reminds me of hot chocolate... haha. I may do another Makeover in the spring... we'll see. Woo hoo!


GrammaJelly said...

Neat! I did notice that Amanda had done the same transformation a couple of weeks ago...I like it! lots of love, mom

Carolina Mama said...

Your blog looks great! And we loved Fireproof too! :) Happy Fall!

Renee said...

Beth, I love your new blog design. Yes, it does remind me of hot chocolate, Yum, yum! Hope all is going well with you all. We hope to join Lighthouse again in January.

PS: Could you give me some pointers about blogging? I have a blog and update it quite frequently, but, don't know how to attract others to me?