Thursday, October 30, 2008

Favorite Blogs: There Is No Place Like Home

Another of my favorite blogs is Kelli's "There is no place like home". Get yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and prepare to spend a while looking through her back posts. She has tutorials on paper crafts and other simple projects - these caramel apple cards are the cutest thing ever! Her seasonal decorating ideas don't require a fortune or a professional decorator to pull off! I was inspired by her Autumn Front Porch , and actually decorated my own entrances as a result!

I love the warm, inviting look of her home AND her blog! She posts great recipes. And her photography is just gorgeous! ( check it out, Sarah). She is a homeschooling mom ~ obviously much more organized, creative, and disciplined than I, judging by the amount of crafting, cooking, and decorating she gets done! Reminds me of my friend Lea.



Renee said...

It's very pretty.

GrammaJelly said...

Great decor,, mom