Friday, February 15, 2008

Where Do You Homeschool?

This week, The Heart of the Matter is asking

Where Do You Homeschool?

Do you have a special room set aside? Are you a "couch schooler"? Do you move around the house all day long? Is your kitchen table covered with books, science equipment and crafts?

Okay, no pictures for this one. House is way too messy, plus I don't have anything really cool to show you!
We homeschool EVERYWHERE. We read and talk and look at the globe while sitting/lying on the couch or bed, do math and art and maps and italic at the kitchen table, watch videos or do crafts sitting on the TV room floor, write and research sitting at the computer, exercise in the back yard (HA!) , and sometimes take books or CDs with us in the car when we have to go to doctor or dentist appts. Bookshelves can be found in the dining room, TV room, living room, hallway, and bedrooms. School materials are stored in various locations throughout the house - in bins and baskets and boxes in the pantry, under the beds, in the hall closets, on the bookshelves. We have a fairly small house, and .... ahem..... I am not the most organized person in the world. We somehow manage anyway!
To see cool pictures and get organizing ideas from OTHER less chaotic homeschool moms, check out the links on Heart of the Matter.


momtofivekids said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have a great blog here. I'll come by again!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog... glad you joined in with the HOTM meme. BTW, my ds-14 would love to have your sons car. He keeps saying he's going to get a civic when he get's his license. I always repond "Good luck with that."LOL

Have a good week.

Creech Family said...

I would add "on the porch, in the yard, at Gran's, at the library..." :) My 8yo loves the porch swing as her "reading spot" and will even take 3-4 blankets out with her on chilly days! She took it over when J left for college! How's everyone there - no flu I hope! A all settled in? Ready for grad in June? E been to visit App lately? As you can see I need to get caught up with you!! :)

Southpaugh Homeschool - Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing!