Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday Art Class

In yesterday's art classes, we worked some more on line drawings.

The 9 yr olds did some directed drawing ( they followed my directions - draw a small dot on the right side of the paper, draw a circle around the dot, etc...) and drew a bird, which they then painted, using watercolor crayons. Then they used an Ebony pencil to do a line drawing of a toy animal, and used the side of the pencil to shade around it.

The 14 yr.olds worked on line drawings by copying a master - this study of the head of an angel for Madonna on the Rocks, by Leonardo Da Vinci. They found this was harder to do than they thought!

Since the girls found this a bit frustrating, and Amanda was begging to do something with COLOR, I had them draw a bird from a photo, and then paint with the watercolor crayons as well.


GrammaJelly said...

I remember the wonderful drawings/copies of masters that you did when you were in elementary school. I always thought that this was such a unique way of including so many artistic techniques and elements...glad you are doing the same for the girls. I know that they will remember the names of some of the masters from these lessons.

Creech Family said...

Wonderful art!! Tell me, what are watercolor crayons? Sound like something great to use for different ages? I think you should set up a "Gallery Night" and have the students display their artwork - maybe in the foyer at a LH band concert or something? Just a shame not to show it off!