Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greek Temple

We are learning about Ancient Greece right now, so this week we made a Greek Temple out of a small flat box ( base), 4 toilet paper tubes ( columns) , white poster board ( roof and pediments) and white copy paper (details like fluting and capitals on the columns). It was actually a pretty quick and easy project, and J had something cool for "show & tell" at co-op on Friday. We found the directions for this project, which we adapted somewhat, in the Kaleidoscope Kids book, Ancient Greece! 40 Hands-on Activities to Experience this Wondrous Age.


Creech Family said...

Cool project!! Hope you are all well - how is A settling in to his new life? We're praying for him that things go smoothly.

Katie Rosen said...

How did you make the toliet paper rolls look like columns - my kindergartener has a similar project and trying to recreate what you have done. Looks awesome!

NCLighthousekeeper said...

The columns are toilet paper tubes wrapped with plain white copy paper that we folded accordion style and then taped around the tubes. Another strip of copy paper was taped around for the base of the columns. And a strip of paper with the ends curled by first rolling around a pencil was laid across the top of each column for the volutes.