Friday, July 15, 2011

Another year in the Sandbox

Alex has been deployed again, and I sure would appreciate your prayers for him during this next year as he serves our country in Iraq - "the Sandbox".  This is his 2nd tour ( funny, that makes it sound like a tourist on vacation ) and this time he is a captain in the US Army, and is the supply officer for his battalion (?). He will be getting out after this deployment, as his initial commitment is coming to an end and he is not going to sign up for more.

Temp where he is right now is around 120 degrees F. In his words, "you don't really get used to that."  He got off the plane with strep throat, but after "a couple of BIG shots and some pills", he is feeling much better.

I don't have a mailing address yet, but if you'd like to send him a card or care package, let me know and I'll pass that info along when I get it. 

This picture is from his last time overseas......

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