Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Cleaning the Closet is Traumatic

I really, really don't like this stage I am in right now. 

My youngest two children are turning 18 and 13 years old this summer - both "milestones" on the growing-up scale. 

About 2 months ago, my youngest asked me if we were going to put the 3rd bed back in the boys' bedroom when Alex gets out of the Army next year.  I had to gently inform him that his big brother, at age 26, will not be moving back home again.  That was an "ahhhhh" moment of realization for him.

Sarah leaves in 2 weeks. Since she graduated from college last year, she moved to CT to work for a few months, and then back to Boone to work at the college for a few months, but both those times we knew it was temporary and she was coming back home.  This time, she's hoping this move will be somewhat permanent.

Eric graduates from college in the spring. 

So on to the closet.   I am terrible about holding on to things, and know that I NEED to declutter the house this summer.  I have to get myself psyched up, and then for a few days I can be ruthless. But it never lasts very long.  Well, I was thinking today that I might tackle the pantry/craft closet tomorrow.  Along with serving platters, extra glassware, candlesticks, canned goods, and cookbooks, I have about 6 years of FamilyFun magazines in there, plus craft books, bins of craft supplies and a huge stack of construction paper.  Chances are, Jason isn't going to use most of that stuff anymore.  The real art supplies, yes.  But the pony beads, feathers, styrofoam shapes, and crayons? 

I am such a mess! That stuff is a big part of my motherhood. I'm not sure I can get rid of it.

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Renee said...

Oh Beth I can so relate. I know each season of motherhood brings with it both joy and sadness. I told Lynn I feel a little 'lost" for lack of a better word. Relationships w/our children are changing. We are still close but in a different way. Feeling the distance with me and my daughter is the hardest. She is becoming the woman I have prayed she would be but the distance is very real. Thanks for the idea of counting your blessings 10 for 100. Gonna give this a try if you don't mind me borrowing the idea?