Thursday, February 19, 2009

Art Class : "Four Fish"

Here is Jason's most recent art project. After learning about color by mixing up colored frosting for our edible color wheel, we turned to acrylic paints and tropical fish. After looking at pictures of tropical fish and tracing some with tracing paper, the boys each sketched their own tropical fish on a piece of drawing paper, tracing over their pencil lines with x-fine black Sharpie. I then made 4 photocopies of their drawings to paint for our project. The first was painted using primary colors, with a secondary color for the background. Next was a picture using warm colors, then cool colors, and finally a monochromatic painting, using a single hue plus white or black. When the four paintings were dry, I mounted them on a sheet of black poster board for quite a dramatic effect, don't you you think?

Here's Jason with some of his and his sister's artwork at our Tapestry of Grace Unit 2 Celebration "Afternoon of the Arts" last Sunday.


Creech Family said...

These are great! Hope you don't mind if we copy the idea :) !

GrammaJelly said...

Fabulous project! I love the final effect, and I imagine that Jason and his friends were as proud as peacocks of their accomplishments. LOVE IT!....gram/mom