Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What Might this New Year Bring?

The year 2008 - what might it bring? For some reason, I have the feeling that this year will bring some big changes for the Herbert family. I'm not sure what exactly, but the Lord has been bringing a number of things to my attention - repeatedly - to the point of consuming my thoughts at times. Mark and I will be spending a few days away together as we travel to a friend's wedding, so there should be opportunity to hash through some of these things. ( oh, he loves it when I get on fire about things like this - HA!)

Some obvious changes in 2008 will be Alex leaving in February for his service in the Army. Although he has been away at college for 4 1/2 years already, he has still been close by, and we saw him on a regular basis. This will be different.
Also in 2008, Eric will leave for college. So three of my five kids will be out of the house! Just typing that makes my stomach tighten and my eyes get misty. Am I nuts? How often do I see parents doing the "happy dance" at the prospect of their children finally being grown and gone from the home, so that now they can get on with THEIR lives?!!! I am SO not there. Now, don't get me wrong. I am happy to see my children grow into wonderful, interesting, happy, competent adults. I enjoy them immensely. But there is a sadness deep in my core at the prospect of our home becoming "empty" of children. Well, this is one of those areas the Lord is whispering to me about...

I have always been interested in health and nutrition, but have frankly been lazy in making permanent changes in the way I eat or how I feed my family. I do use whole grains ( whole wheat bread, brown rice ) and make home-cooked meals and limit sweets and processed foods. But my recent health challenges and some symptoms my family has been experiencing are prompting me to do more. I am seriously considering starting to bake our own breads with freshly milled flour. I am taking a hard look at the chemicals I use in our home each week. I am reading and educating myself on the use of herbs and natural supplements to treat minor ailments. It would be wonderful to see this year bring improvement in the wellness of my family.

I am not going to make any "resolutions" this New Years Day. This has not been a successful thing in the past ~ a list of "should do's" to make me feel guilty when they don't become reality. Instead, I am trying to be open to the Lord's leading in various areas of my life, and willing to take a step here or there toward growth and change. Family, health, worship, travel, teaching, serving, discipling ....I look forward with anticipation to what the new year will bring, and delight in the day the Lord has given me today.

May God bless you richly in 2008.



Lea said...

Happy New Year my friend... yep, I am down to one at home... and it pure aches!!!! Glad you still have a wee one about...

Creech Family said...

May You have a blessed 2008, too, as you face changes and may your time away with Mark be sweet and refreshing.

christinemm said...

Before you start milling your own wheat, do you already bake your own bread? Homemade bread from store-bought flour is better than store-bought bread, so that is a good step.

When I bake bread I usually make two or three batches and freeze what we don't plan to eat in two days.

A challenge for me though is normally we go through one loaf of store-bought bread a week (or less). However the kids love the homemade bread so much they eat more than one loaf a day! So I can't keep up with making the homemade bread to keep it here for everyday use. LOL.

I buy the flour at Costco (King Arthur brand) at a huge discount compared to the grocery store prices.

I have not yet gotten into hand griding the wheat, maybe someday I will. For now I just try to make the homemade bread when possible...

Have a great day!

christinemm said...

Hi again!
After reading your blog I was inspired to blog today about baking from scratch and the superiority of foods made at home.


There is a blog carnival called "Make it from Scratch" that I recently started contributing to. That covers everything from food to arts and crafts. You may want to contribute to that or to read it, it is a weekly carnival.